About Us


Safe Community Youth Initiative (SCYI) formerly the Mtwapa Youth Association is a not – for- profit, non-partisan, local CBO based at the Coast of Kenya founded in 2004. Based in Kilifi County, the organization is committed to advancing and mainstreaming a culture for a future secured healthy community.

Its formation was an initiative of Kwetu Training Center a non- governmental organization based  in Mtwapa in 2004 under the Democratic Governance Support Programme (DGSP) which brought all the youth together for the sole purpose of making them realize their roles in the community




Building the capacity of youth people to undertake effective advocacy on gender equality and SRHR.Also in influencing decision and policy makers to meaningful engagement of adolescent youth in decision making structures

Peace & conflict Management

High numbers of idle youth in “Maskanis” pose grave security threats in Kilifi with the recent incidences of vulnerable youth in conflict with the law engaging in violent conflicts,extortion and destruction.to strengthen youth resilience,the program is aimed at bridging the gaps to foster relationship between the youth & security organs to promote peace and security

Health for Life

The programs aims to eliminate barriers faced by adolescents girls in accessing age appropriate SRHR information & services creating enabling environments for them to transform and change the structures that denies them their rights

Livelihoods & employment

Building youth capacity on entrepreneurship and access to capital through the access to government funding opportunities for sustainable livelihoods

Our Core Values

Capability and Accountability

Beneficiaries of SCYI shall possess the knowledge, understanding and capability to identify and resolve their problems. Staff of SCYI shall facilitate process.  SCYI Management and Staff of SCYI shall remain strict to their work plan and demonstrate accountability to the organization..

Human dignity and Gender equity

.All women and men are equal. They have equal rights in the society and participate in the development activities equally.  SCYI will ensure participation of all poor people living in the working areas and provide special emphasis to the women participation as they considerably in backward position.  All SCYI staff shall have the equal opportunities for promotion based on their experiencev

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency

All Projects/Programs personnel of SCYI shall promote Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency in all activities. Staff behavior and conduct must consider this value and remain honest, sincere and transparent. Staff and organization will never hide any information to the stakeholders

Creativity and Innovation

In all cases the creativity and innovation will be appreciated in the whole project or program cycle. Creativity and innovative work the staff would be rewarded. Innovative and creative work would be replicated

Our Technical Expertise

Capacity Building

Our Focus is on delivering Knowledge and skills to adolescents and young in schools,youth groups and community for self reliance through our youth led peer to peer education model.

Media Engagement

Influencing Policy makers to take action on adolescents and young people priorities.

Research & evidence based Practice

Our research addressees or anticipates specific questions through secondary analysis of data to inform adolescent and young people priorities to decision and policy makers.


Ensuring county policy and Programming responds to youth concerns,meaningful youth engagement in policy development & decision making

Youth for positive change.

Our Donors & Partners