Peace & Conflict Management

Kilifi have not been adequately addressed thus making the region prone to conflict. Inter- and intra-communal/ethnic tensions amongst immigrants, upcountry and local communities over land ownership, boundaries and unemployment opportunities has been on the rise recently.The Kenya National Youth Policy also highlights the abuse and exploitation of young people due to their vulnerability. As such, they are exposed to different kinds of exploitation such as child labour and prostitution. There are many reported cases of children subjected to hard labour with little or no pay and such cases of child labour continue unabated due to rampant poverty and the existence of orphans who have limited ways of fending for themselves and are thus particularly vulnerable and susceptible to falling victim to child labour. Prostitution is a widespread practice and involves young women and men engaging in it as a means of earning a livelihood. Though the practice is illegal in Kenya, it continues to thrive as many youth engaged in this illicit trade do not have viable alternatives.High numbers of idle youth in “Maskanis” pose grave security threat in kilifi with recent incidences of vulnurable youth in conflict with the law engaging in violent conflicts extortion and destruction.This program is aimed at bridging the gaps to foster relationship between the youth and security organs to promote peace and security

Current project such as “Tusemezane vijana initiative” which has a goal aimed at strengthening youth resilience to counter violent conflicts in maskanis.